The story of how we came together is full of really cool yet eerie coincidences.  So much so that it seems like the script had already been written, or the story was at least being guided by someone or something that knows what’s best.  Years ago, Natalie and Kayla were childhood friends.  At the same time, in another part of the state, Cassie and Fallon were also childhood friends.  Fallon and Kayla then met in college and became roommates. During this time, Natalie was recruited by me, Melanie, to be the first member of Toby Keith’s Whiskey Girl dance and promotional team.  Lauren, Natalie’s friend from college, was recruited soon after.  Cassie found us, not through a friend connection because that wasn’t known to any of us at the time, but because she wanted to be a dancing Whiskey Girl. Natalie brought in Kayla, and Cassie brought in Fallon, whom I had spotted anonymously at a dance team competition the year prior, and wanted so badly to recruit. It was serendipity time and time again.

Then I met Donnette in Chicago, and brought her on board.  Lauren and she ended up piecing together that indeed Donnette had been Lauren’s instructor at a small high school dance clinic in a remote part of Missouri years ago.  And I attended a small private college that no one outside the state of Missouri has ever heard of, but due to more kismet, Mishra from Alabama spent a couple weeks there every summer for a cheer company’s training camp.  It seems that for four years in a row, we missed each other by two weeks. And Tamara?  Well, she’s just always been there.  I’ve known her over half my life, and we’ve managed to keep in touch over many years and even more miles.

Our backgrounds and strengths are so very different, but we share a mutual love and respect for dance in all its forms and for each other as dancers and friends.  Each of us also holds the belief that no matter how experienced we are as dancers, each opportunity with which we are presented allows us to learn something new.  As a group, we have over 160 years of dance experience combined, but we still approach each opportunity wide-eyed and grateful to still be actively pursuing our passion.  It is through this open and collaborative spirit that Larkspur Dance and Choreography emerged, and with it a unique brand of dance and a different approach to what a dance company should be.  Ours is a company built on friendship, a shared affinity for all forms of movement, and a permeating sense of joy and humor in everything we do.  Our appreciation of dance brought us together, but the ties that really seem to bind us is the love and respect we have for each other.

Our mission is to share this passion for dance by creating quality material and dynamic performances using a unique approach that is personal, positive, motivating and fun. And we’d love to share this passion with you…..if we can ever stop laughing.