“Little Black Dress” Art Show

February 18, 2011

Our good friend and photographer Tom Styrkowicz and his photo series was just honored with The Little Black Dress Party!  It was sponsored by The Bank of Prairie Village, Tom Tivol and Wanda Allen and Kansas City’s magazine of society “The Independent” to promote Tom and his work.  I was just so pleased and proud that my photo was a part of it!  He gave it the title “What Ginger Rogers Knew.”  I thought that was the coolest thing ever!  Natalie and Kayla accompanied me because they’re awesome AND we all just really enjoyed saying things like, “I hope we’re not late for the art show!” and “Only really smart and sophisticated people go to art shows.”  Thanks, Tom, for letting us be a part of it!  Looking forward to more projects in the future!

Love and LBDs,






















The photo that from now on will only be

referred to as “What Ginger Rogers Knew”








Tom and me










Me and.....me.










Really smart and sophisticated people who go to art shows.

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