Missouri State Dance Team Championship

February 28, 2017

It took me a couple of days to recover from my Site Coordinator job for the Missouri State Dance Team Championship this past weekend.  What a great couple days of dance, highlighting all the fantastic talent from our fabulous state!  My favorite moments:

  1.  Seeing past and present Kansas City Classic dancers!  They’ve gone on to dance with college teams and coach and choreograph.  It’s so nice to see them stay in the MDTA organization.  As I passed Kansas City Classic teams throughout the day, they always had a smile or a little (or not so little) wave for me.  It’s an honor to be a part of their high school dance team experience, even in a small way.  
  2. Seeing the coaches in action!  I have so much love and respect for our high school dance team coaches.  They do an outstanding job and are selfless in their work ethic and support of these young people.  They’re impacting the future in a really positive way and I’m eternally grateful for that.
  3. The Inspection area was being manned by my sister, whose role at The Kansas City Classic just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It was fun running through her area, and if I timed it just right, I could get in a team’s line and join them in sticking out their tongue and executing a perfect muscle man with jazz hands.   😛 
  4. Working with my buddies on the MDTA board, and seeing my judging friends!  Always a pleasure!  Some of them I’ve known for more years than I care to admit.  We tight.  Totes besties.  

Here’s some photo highlights:

I snapped this photo right before leaving on Friday night. It was a long day of getting everything set up. It looked great!

I snapped this photo of my long time friend and esteemed judge Julie Voss Catron. I texted it to her with a snarky caption because I think I’m really funny. She retaliated by making it her profile pic and racked up a million likes in minutes. Serves me right.

I got bored in a meeting and did the same thing to my longtime dear friend, and MDTA’s fearless leader, Brett. I think he’s demonstrating to the judges how to change a light bulb.

Here’s my partner in crime, MDTA Treasurer Karen Bahr. I snapped this while she was judging Routine Compatibility unbeknownst to her. Sent it to Brett with the caption “like a boss.”

Thank goodness my sweet friend Elaine Dull actually takes real photos at these events. So proud of all these teams, not to mention this trophy table that took an eternity to assemble.




Some of the awesome Missouri teams!

I snapped this on I-70 heading back to my side of the Show Me State. Beautiful end to a beautiful weekend. Much love to all the Missouri teams! So proud to be a part of this talented organization! Melanie

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