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MDTA State Championship!!!

February 26, 2013

Congratulations to The Kansas City Classic teams who earned well-deserved trophies at the Missouri 2013 Dance Team Championship this past Saturday, February 23rd at The Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri! Maryville:  2nd Place 1A Kick, 2nd Place 1A Pom Pembroke Hill:  4th Place 1A Mix, 4th Place 1A Pom, 2nd Place Overall in 1A […]

The 2012 Kansas City Classic

December 31, 2012

It was a great day at the 2012 Kansas City Classic!  A huge thank you to all the teams, their coaches, parents, judges…..we are so grateful to everyone who made it successful!  You can see highlight reels and results on the Kansas City Classic page by clicking on the photo of the logo to the […]

Larkspur Performance at 2012 Silpada National Convention

August 15, 2012

Many thanks to our good friend and aerial instructor Rachel McMeachin of Voler-Thieves of Flight for including us when she was tapped to put together performers for the 2012 Silpada National Convention!  We had so much fun, and were so proud to perform alongside amazing aerialists from Voler, dancers from Alvin Ailey, bungee performers from […]

Congratulations to The Kansas City Classic Teams! pt. 2

March 14, 2012

We got the opportunity to work some fabulous teams who participated in The Kansas City Classic by choreographing for them, or helping them prepare their routines for competition.  We wanted to give them a special “congratulations” and let them know how much we enjoyed our time with them, and how proud we were of their […]

Congratulations to The Kansas City Classic Teams!

March 13, 2012

Wow!   What a day!   There was a great showing from teams who participated in The Kansas City Classic at the Missouri 2012 Dance Team Championship!  So proud of each and every one of them!  Congratulations!        

Round 2 of Life Drawing Event!

March 12, 2012

We got invited back to another evening of dancing and drawing at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School!  Here’s a little review of what this event is all about, lifted from their official website: Every month, over 3,500 artists gather in nearly a hundred cities (including New York, Hollywood, Sao Paolo, London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Melbourne) […]

They Call Me Cassafrass…

March 1, 2012

  Our little Cassie just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City!  I thought I’d open with that because she really is way smart, but the following photos, although awesome, create a most interesting dichotomy.  She’s been busy dancing at all kinds of events for Harrah’s Entertainment and […]

New reels!

August 15, 2011

It was time to put together some new reels!  I called in every favor.  🙂  A big, fat thank you from the bottom of my big, fat heart goes out to my Larkspur girls.  It is no secret that I just love dancing with you.  Of course Melissa Kothe of Camera Girl Images lent us […]

Congratulations, Kayla!

July 30, 2011

Kayla’s season of dancing with the AFL Command Dancers has come to an end! Congratulations go out to our little rock star powerhouse who did an amazing job!  So proud of you and all your hard work!  Now gimme my hats back.   😛 Love and pom pons, Melanie             […]

Aerial Performance At The Lyric

May 5, 2011

I was so proud to be a part of this performance for many reasons!  First of all, it was the final performance held in a superbly historic venue:  The Lyric in Kansas City.  Beautiful theater!  I performed a routine on aerial fabrics during a Las Vegas themed show for my good, good friends at All […]

Kayla: AFL Command Dancer!

May 1, 2011

Congratulations go out to our Kayla for making the 2011 Kansas City Command Dancers!  Never did we have a doubt!  I’m convinced our little powerhouse came into this world holding a pair of poms!  (And wearing sparkles and red lipstick.  And garish nail color, but we won’t go there.)  Kayla will be dancing and cheering […]

Larkspur Life Drawing Event!

April 13, 2011

Here’s what I found out on the internets about this life-drawing event we were invited to do.  Pay attention.  There might be a quiz. Every month, over 3,500 artists gather in nearly a hundred cities (including New York, Hollywood, Sao Paolo, London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Melbourne) to sketch glamourous, subcultural models and compete in […]

Showgirl Cassie

January 3, 2011

Cassie rang in the new year as part of an ensemble of showgirls, adding lots of sparkle and entertainment at Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino and Hotel!  Nice job, Cassie! Gorgeous!  Can I borrow your costume for my next PTA meeting? Love and feathers, Melanie

Fallon and Cassie Reunite With The Topcats!

June 1, 2010

Fallon choreographed a dance routine for the alumni members of the Milan Topcats dance team.  Cassie, Fallon, and other former members of the award winning Topcats performed the routine at Milan’s Memorial Weekend Festival!  Fallon is also conducting a “boot camp” for the current members of the Topcats dance team!  She will be teaching them […]

Cassie Dancing At Royals Home Opener!

April 21, 2010

Our little Cassie was one of only 24 talented and specially selected dancers to perform at the Kansas City Royals Home Opener!  So proud of her!  She danced in a performance during the pregame show at Kauffman Stadium.  Way to go, Cassie!  Here’s some photos of our sweet little turnip:

The Whiskey Girls and The Wilders!

September 30, 2009

What a fun night!  We got to dance with critically acclaimed and award winning bluegrass band The Wilders!  They’re getting ready to leave for a tour of the UK, so best of luck to them!  I think Donnette and Mishra are still hanging out at the William Wallace Monument, so they should swing by and […]

We’re Whiskey Girls Again!

August 1, 2009

So, it looks like the Toby Keith gig has been extended to include weekend performances at Harrah’s in North Kansas City!  Love those people!   We’re putting together what we’re hoping will be some entertaining choreography of jazz, country novelty, prop and line dances!  Awesome opportunity to hang out with each other and do what […]

Larkspur Dancing With Toby Keith! Yeehaw!

July 31, 2009

  We were all so excited to have the opportunity to dance onstage with Toby Keith again!  The Sprint Center is such a great venue, and the set for Toby’s tour this year was really cool!  And there was a sold-out crowd, and pyro, and cool things on the background video screens!  And new choreo, […]

Choreo in Kansas!

June 2, 2009

Kayla choreographed and taught an awesome little jazz routine to the competitive team at one of Kansas City’s best dance studios:  Miller Marley School of Voice and Dance!  So far, Miller Marley has received nothing but top level awards for her material in every event they’ve entered!  Who’s a good wittle choreographer?  Who is?  Who […]