The video above tells our history and how we got our name. In short, we're a company that started with friendship, and friendship informs and shapes everything we do. Our backgrounds and strengths are so very different, but we share a mutual love and respect for dance in all its forms and for each other as dancers and friends. Each of us also holds the belief that no matter how experienced we are as dancers, every opportunity with which we are presented allows us to learn something new. As a group, we have over 100 years of dance experience combined, but we still approach each opportunity wide-eyed and grateful to be actively pursuing our passion. It is through this open and collaborative spirit that Larkspur Dance and Choreography emerged, and with it a unique brand of dance and a different approach to what a dance company should be. Ours is a company built on friendship, a shared affinity for all forms of movement, and a permeating sense of joy and humor in everything we do. Our appreciation of dance brought us together, but the ties that really seem to bind us are the love and respect we have for each other, and for the people we are lucky to encounter in all facets of our company.

Our mission is to share this passion for dance by creating quality material and dynamic performances using a unique approach that is personal, positive, motivating, and fun.  And we can't wait to share this passion with you!