Glam’r Gear

Help your little dancers to be able to roll the bag themselves, and be able to change costumes in a private setting!  Glam’r Gear’s mission is empowering dancers, performers, athletes, gymnasts, cheerleaders, pageant contenders, and MORE!  

Those expensive dance costumes deserve an awesome bag, right?  Introducing Glam’r Gear!  Glam’r Gear luggage is the new popular brand of luggage that is easy maneuvering with 4-wheels, and a sturdy garment rack in place that includes the uHide system that you use with he optional privacy curtain!  Plenty of privacy when using a bag with curtain yourself, or with 2 or 3 friends using their Glam’r Gears, you can create your own dressing room!  

Equip your team with style with Glam’r Gear’s line of amazing dance bags and accessories!  Use code LARKSPUR for 5% off at glamrgear.com