Glam’r Gear

Help your little dancers to be able to roll the bag themselves, and be able to change costumes in a private setting!  Glam’r Gear’s mission is empowering dancers, performers, athletes, gymnasts, cheerleaders, pageant contenders, and MORE!   Those expensive dance costumes deserve an awesome bag, right?  Introducing Glam’r Gear!  Glam’r Gear luggage is the new…
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Support Fund

We are so pleased to be partnering with Support Fund, a fantastic fundraising opportunity for teams that not only raises money, but also teaches team members valuable life skills!  Below is an interview I did with Jacob Kent of Support Fund that highlights what this great company has to offer teams and coaches. Melanie:  Our…
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Dancer Fitness

Have you noticed yet that dancers are a specific type of athlete and that they should be trained like one? At you can find hundreds of exercises and training plans designed exclusively for dancers. Whether its for more consistent turns, higher jumps or a stronger core, from beginner to advanced, has you covered.…
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