The Tiers System

Finally… an app FOR dance coaches made BY dance coaches!

The Tiers System (and Tiers App) gives you the tools to empower your dancers to take control of their technique and development. The app provides you with over 150 skills broken down by category (turns, leaps, jumps, acro/tumbling) and by level (beginner through elite), and the skills lists are customizable so you can make sure it fits your unique team.

The app tracks dancers progress through your team’s skill progressions so you (and your dancers) can transparently see where they are in their skill development and what they need to do to move to the next level (or Tier). The Tiers System provides you with data insights into your team’s progress, goals, and future.

Your parents and administration will LOVE having a transparent, clear, and drama-free process for setting standards for your routines. And, YOU can get back to the parts of coaching you love most.

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