Another Weird Party, Another Publication Photo

Another “Night Of Fame.”  We just had to go.  The theme was Old School vs. New School Divas.  This time Cassie came home with the Best Costume prize, and it was well deserved.  She had to walk through Fallon’s parking lot in that get up….in front of people…..and it was unnerving.  I, on the other hand, found that rocking a mullet wig put a lot of swagger in my mom jeans.  Here’s the photos!  The first one is a little quiz.  Can you name the diva we are trying to be?  Same rules apply.  No. 2 pencil, eyes on your own paper, you will be timed, etc.  Leave your guesses in the comments box.  The winner will receive a Larkspur t-shirt if we ever get any printed, and our undying love and affection.  The last two photos are from some KC publications that aren’t all that particular about the photos in said publications.  Apparently.   😕

Love and bad costumes,


















Me and Alicia Solo, planner of best events ever













Cassie, receiving the stinkeye from Bozo/Skeletor due to jealousy over her Best Costume win.