Dance Team Judging

It was a busy season!  Thanks so much to Shelley McCain at Lee’s Summit North for having Cassie, Kayla, and Fallon judge solos again at the LSN Invitational.  And many thanks to the Indiana High School Dance Team Association for having me judge the Kahler Invitational, North Regional, South Regional and State!  I really, really love dance team, and I’m going to wax poetic about dance team for a moment because I think as a genre it is often poo-pooed as being something “lesser” or below the studio or company world.  I love the collaborative aspect of it.  These are dancers with all different levels of experience and training, from different studios, who come together and form this particular team with these particular members for just one year.  Seniors will graduate, newbies will come on.  Just when a team hits its stride, it’s time to start over.  Many coaches work on a shoe string budget to not only support the athletic teams with home performances, but also manage to produce quality competition material that is so good and fun to watch, and said material is performed on a GYM FLOOR…no bells, whistles, pyro, scrims, video backdrops….nothing….bupkus.  So, that is why I love dance team.  (And I’m a sucker for poms.  There.  I said it.  I love big and bouncy, go-fight-win, happy, high kick, making shapes, end in a clump pom.  And I can’t get my fix for this strange addiction anywhere else but dance team.)  I always learn so much every year, and I’m so happy and feel really blessed to be a part of it.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the coaches and judge coordinators that allow me to work with some great associations and teams.

For some reason, I wasn’t very good about snapping photos this year, but I did find some goodies hidden away on my phone.

Love and 5, 6, 7, 8,



This little ditty was taken after the yahoos in back (Fallon and Kayla) got done judging solos at the LSN Invitational so they decided to join my good friend and esteemed judge and administrator Jeff Storey and I as we held court in the upper bleachers.


Here is my favorite fire hazard known as the Lee’s Summit North Invitational.



What my non-dance friends think I do….


What my kids think I do….


What I really do….hang out with some awesome people! Dream panel right here going on a Starbucks run: Larkspur buddies/advisors/soulmates Donnette and Mishra, and the coach of the UIC Flames Lindsey Lococo. Fun, fun day!


Indiana’s State Dance Team Competition venue. Photo taken by the fabulous Nicole Kenefic. That’s why it’s good.



I looked over and thought, “They’re working so hard, bless their hearts!”


They were really comparing extremely immature yet hilarious apps on their phones. Apps have been blurred to protect the innocent. And me, because they would kill me. Love judging with these two!! Sara Dorrian and Brett Elder from KCMO! 816 represent!!!