Dance Team Union

I was happy to judge for Dance Team Union again, this time in Louisiana.  I fell in love with Baton Rouge!  When some moms that were running concessions asked where I was from, and I told them Kansas City, Missouri, they said, “Oh, so you’re pretty much Southern.”  I considered that one of the best compliments I will ever receive, coming from two southern moms, serving Jambalaya out of some sort of pot inside a big trash can.  It was absolutely delicious and certainly beat regular concession stand fare!

Judging with jambalaya




























I was reunited with Sammy who I met when I judged with him in Iowa!  Love being on a panel with him!  I was also reunited with a great gal from Illinois, Joni May!  We saw some great talent and some awesome routines!  

















I met some more members of the impressive DTU family.  Lexie, this awesome little dance ninja who just moved back to Ohio from NYC (pause for Ohio State Buckeyes fight song), taught a major master class to all the participants.  So great meeting her!  The event director was Anna who was a member of Central Michigan University’s dance team, then served as their strength and conditioning coach.  She and I spent a good two hours talking about everything from myofascial release to organic mac and cheese and anything in between.  Looking forward to seeing all these folks at DTU Nationals!  

Thanks, DTU and Baton Rouge!  I can’t wait to “geaux” back!  (See what I did there?)