Dance Team Union

I had the best time last weekend judging for DTU!  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the Pella, Iowa competition!  I can’t say enough good things about this organization.  It was started by some really awesome people who are no strangers to the dance team world to fulfill a need of another camp and competition choice.  I love how every facet of this company is about what is best for the teams and what would best meet their needs.  They have been super supportive of The Kansas City Classic as well, giving away nationals bids to the winning teams in each division, and a free set of poms in the coach drawing.  Check out their website for competition and camp info!  

And I couldn’t have been with a better group!  I got to judge with Shan Stavropoulos who was the coach of the amazing and nationally ranked Millard West Dance Team.  She now helps out with artistic direction and choreography because she got busy with this:  Luvbird Boutique.  She owns this gem of a boutique in Omaha, Nebraska.  They also have a great online store.  Check it out!  















And that handsome dude between us is Sammy Stephens.  He is a choreographer, judge, master class instructor and all around great guy.  Check out the video below of the combo he taught at the DTU master class right after the competition:


Yep, it was a judge love fest.  So much fun and I can’t wait for our paths to cross again!

It was also a love fest for the DTU crew working the event.  I wish I would have gotten a photo with them!  Shoutout to DTU co-owner Coree and event coordinator Audrey and BJ the DJ!  It was also a huge love affair with Iowa itself.  Such a beautiful state!  I couldn’t resist snapping some photos while I was enjoying the scenic drive.  Warning:  you really have to love rolling fields, barns, cows and corn fields to appreciate the beauty of Iowa.  Good thing I do.  I mean….does it get any more beautiful than this?  

I almost put a bid on this little fixer upper, but I thought my husband wouldn’t think too highly of it.


And this little guy came to the road to chat.  I didn’t have time for anything beyond, “Look.  A cow.”

Thanks again, DTU!  It was a blast!

Corn, Poms and Maid-Rites,