DTU – Iowa

It was an awesome day at the Iowa Regional for DTU!  I love judging for this organization!  

Check out this amazing panel!  I got to see my girls Jen and Shan!  One of these judges is a UDA Nationals Hip Hop Champion coach and choreographer.  The other won Minnesota’s Coach of the Year Award.  The remaining one is me…and I was just happy to be there and proud of myself that I was on time.















This is my little buddy Dawson.  She’s the adorable daughter of DTU owner Laura King.  She has more dance team cred than I do, but they forgot her bumbo seat so I took her place on the panel.  She spent her day charming everyone in sight with her smile, her speedy crawling, and her inability to be in a bad mood.  We should all be more like Dawson.
























And here is the Double A superteam Audrey and Anna.  You can tell it’s go time because they have their cute little professional jackets on.  Behind them is Sara Heptig, former coach of the Olathe North Eaglettes!  She and I got to work our first DTU event together!  Here’s hoping it will be one of many!

























Thanks so much for bringing me back to the beautiful state of Iowa!  It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I happen to love fields and farms and loose meat sandwiches!  




















And my favorite photo from the weekend is probably the next one.  I was able to score one more perk for Kansas City Classic teams!  That’s my favorite thing to do! Love and poms and pointed feet and Maid Rites, Melanie