Fallon and Cassie Reunite With The Topcats!

Fallon choreographed a dance routine for the alumni members of the Milan Topcats dance team.  Cassie, Fallon, and other former members of the award winning Topcats performed the routine at Milan’s Memorial Weekend Festival!  Fallon is also conducting a “boot camp” for the current members of the Topcats dance team!  She will be teaching them jazz, pom, and hip hop technique, and some choreography to incorporate into their camp and competition routines!  So proud of you girls!  But you didn’t take any photos!!!  So here’s one I found after scouring your Facebook pages.  Now THAT was some interesting reading.  I found this darling photo of the “Original Topcats,” which I’m assuming is the dance team.  If it’s your book club I apologize.  And I did find some other photos on the internets of this fabulous festival you danced in.  Apparently, there was an arm wrestling tournament in a neighboring pavillion.  We ought to enter next year. Nancy Mutaski from Lincoln, Nebraska, you are going DOWWWWNNNNN!

Love and funnel cakes,












And here are the winners from the arm wrestling tournament, in case anyone's interested