Judging in Indiana and Oklahoma!

I just got back from Oklahoma where I judged the Oklahoma State Dance Team Championship in Oklahoma City.  (I just typed Oklahoma a whole lotta times.)  I love that competition!  It’s run by a group of sweethearts who are so sincere and professional.  And I love getting the chance to hang with my good friend Brett and my girls Tarah Sullivan, Alice From Dallas Dack, Shelley McCain, Sara Dorrian, and Julie “Don’t Call Me Judy” Voss.  Oh, yeah.  I should probably mention that Oklahoma has so much talent crammed into that state, it’s not even funny.  I’m always so amazed and impressed with what comes out of there.  Good times!

And then I’m set to judge the Munster Invitational for the Indiana High School Dance Team Association.  Love that organization as well.  Love and fouettes,