Girl Scout Service Project

Every year Larkspur donates their time and talent to the Girl Scouts of America because we love them and their Thin Mint Cookies.  Last year Kayla, Natalie, and Melanie taught a local Brownie troop basic ballet, jazz and pom techniques, helping the girls earn their Dance badge.  This year, Natalie tapped her degree in dental hygiene to teach a troop of Junior Girl Scouts how to better care for their teeth and gums, helping them earn their Highway to Health badge.  (Highway to Health!  I about died!  Those edgy, edgy Girl Scouts!)  Natalie also taught them how good oral hygiene and health in general stems from not putting germs in your mouth in the first place!  She shared with the girls the evils that lurk in nail biting (cue the horror movie music), and how taking care of yourself also means taking good care of your hands and nails.  It was the most precious thing I’ve ever seen!  She did this science experiment that showed the girls what happens when you leave sugary stuff on your teeth.  They loved it!  She then taught her eager group of students the do’s and don’ts of a basic manicure, complete with nail art, because what young girl really, truly wants to sit there and hear someone (no matter how pretty and awesome she is) blather on about plaque?  That’s right, they’d rather paint their nails! Due to Natalie’s efforts and her willingness to share her nail supplies, the troop was also able to earn their Looking Your Best badge as well!  Thanks so much to the Girl Scouts for having us, and we can’t wait for next year!  I think we should have Fallon teach the girls how to do a perfectly messy side bun.  Or teach them how to bake cupcakes.  Or what to do if you run out of gas.  Maybe Kayla could be a guest speaker as well.  She could teach them Kardashian Hair Basics.  I don’t know.  Just throwing ideas out there.

Love and Peanut Butter Patties,