Good Luck to Larkspur Scholarship Winners!

We’re so proud of our scholarship winners who are headed off to their first year of college!  A big congratulations to Melody Roberts of Raymore-Peculiar High School who was awarded the Larkspur Scholarship.  She takes her diabetes in stride while she made excellent grades, worked part time, danced at a local studio, and performed with the amazing Ray-Pec Prowlers dance team!  Best of luck to her at Mizzou!  (That’s the University of Missouri-Columbia for those of you not from Missour-ah.)












And we also awarded the Allyn Schwinn Scholarship to honor our dear friend and former employer who is fighting her way back from a massive stroke.  Megan McMichael from St. Pius X High School was selected for her moving essay and stellar grades and for her all around awesomeness.  Best of luck to Megan at Truman State!












 We are so pleased to be even a small part of these girls’ higher education, and were so happy to be able to help a couple of young dancers in Kansas City!  Melody and Megan:  make us proud, go to class, study hard, continue to dance, stay out of trouble, find your life’s passion if you haven’t already (look at the library…it’s probably there…not on fraternity row), eat healthy stuff, get a flu shot, don’t procrastinate, sleep when you can, and have lots and lots of fun!  I will leave you with the following picture of a dude named Kip Winger.  This was what my roommate my freshman year in college considered wall art.  I did not agree, but I was the nerd with the REM poster, so I didn’t have a lot of room to judge.  We didn’t have a lot of room….period.  Good, good times.











Love and hair gel,