Many thinks once again to the Indiana High School Dance Team Association for having me as a judge this season!  I always enjoy my time in the Hoosier State.  So much talent and hospitality!  I was very touched and honored when IHSDTA Judging Coordinator Kelly Berheide referred to me as an honorary Hoosier and when she says that I “winter” in Indiana.  What a great year!  Here’s some of my favorite photos from the season:

Awesome photo of this fantastic panel! I think Kari upped the awesomeness with the artsy black and white filter.

My Indy and Illinois crew! Mallori will need a chiropractor after Donnette gets done loving on her. Look what she’s doing in the above photo too.


This photo was taken by my dear friend Jeff Storey. He titled it his “office for the day.”


And this is him, well, his eyeball mostly, “working” in said office with the adorable Holly DeWitt while I, Kelly, and Lisa were preparing to adjudicate…or just daydream about lunch.


This was taken by IHSDTA President Kevin Mathis. I love this! Dance team is alive and well in Indiana. 🙂


The judging panel at State! Shout out to the KC Crew (and Iris)! I laughed so hard I cried on at least two occasions. And the following is a video shot by Sara Dorrian. Poor Brett was just trying to get to the airport. The rest of us were “helping” by shouting at the GPS (naughty words were edited) or laughing really loudly. We’re givers like that. A heartfelt thank you from this honorary Hoosier/Boilermaker/Fighting Irishwoman for everything!