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IHSDTA Fall Coaches’ Conference

Many thanks to the Indiana High School Dance Team Association for having me as a speaker at their Fall Coaches’ Conference!  I enjoyed being a part of the judge training and talking to coaches on “upping their coaching game.”  Thank you, coaches, for all you do!  Your fantastic work with these kids is benefitting them and all of us, as they grow to be better dancers and all around great individuals!  Click on the link below to be taken to a PDF of the handout with success tips, scoresheets with explanations, and suggestions on improving routines:

Conference Handout

Below is a quick video explaining some of the points in the handout that I didn’t get to at the conference because I got chatty.


And here’s a video compilation of some of our work with dance teams.  I’m hoping this may give you some ideas and that you find this helpful with transitions and visuals.


I hope this helps you on your dance team coaching journey!  We’re hoping to add more helpful resources for dancers and coaches when we launch our new website in the next few months so stay tuned for that.  The best way to stay in touch would be on social media.  You’ll find links to our pages below.  Don’t be a stranger!  We’ll like/follow you back!  





Thanks again, IHSDTA, for letting me be a part of your stellar organization!