A huge thank you to the Indiana High School Dance Team Association for having me out to judge this season!  I LOVE THE HOOSIER STATE!  They SHOW ME so much love!  (See what I did there?)  And now that I’ve had a week to decompress, and the opportunity to allow people who take better photos than me to do some posting so I can just steal theirs, here’s a recap:

This was a shot at the beginning of the day.

And here’s the end of the day. Crazy!

My judge buddies! Some pretty amazing people and good friends old and new.

The prestigious best shoe award for the judges. I’m always happy to provide inspiration by way of cowboy boots. They are not just for the barn ya know. How fitting that my award was for red cowboy boots and Kayla’s was for red, uncomfortable and downright dangerous for bleachers heels.

I got to judge all day with the coach from THE Ohio State University and I made her take this photo with me so I could show it to my dad who has watched every Ohio State game since TV was a thing. He probably isn’t aware that her team is the reigning national champion, just that she has walked the same halls as Woody Hayes. I had to get creative with a filter because I didn’t want to look like a raisin next to this youthful buckeye. GO BUCKS!!!

And I used a filter on this one too. Not the anti-raisin filter, but the “embrace the bad 70s quality photography because it’s so fitting for us” filter. My long time buddy and partner in crime Brett! It took us 4 attempts to get a decent shot.

Thank you so much, IHSDTA!  I’m so proud to be a part of your organization!  

Go Hoosiermakers!