Mishra, me, Donnette, and Lisa

Indiana State Dance Team Championships!

Great weekend!  Great, great, great, great weekend!  Donnette, Mishra and I got to judge the Indiana High School Dance Team Association State Championships.  Whew!  That’s a long title.  Let’s just call it “State.”   🙂 This weekend was the culmination of 14 consecutive weekends of competitions throughout the state of Indiana, averaging over 100 performances each weekend.  I get tired just thinking about it.  The State Championship featured over 150 finalist performances and nearly 6,000 spectators.  I should know.  I counted every single one of them.  Actually, I asked Kelly Berheide and that’s the figure she gave me.  We were so very, very proud to be part of this awesome judges panel with some of the most talented, experienced, and knowledgeable dancers, choreographers, and coaches in the business. Why they even let me darken the doorway I will never know, but I’m just so grateful that they do!  Thanks so much for having us again, and I will miss you all!  Til next year!

So much love for the Hoosier state,