Kayla’s Blog Featured on iFabbo and Pickie!!

We are all so proud of Kayla and the success she’s having as a makeup artist, licensed esthetician, and beauty blogger!  One of her posts from her blog Peace, Love & Glitter got a shoutout from iFabbo, which apparently is a really big deal.  Check out this verbiage I pulled from their website:

iFabbo™ is a leading international organization for FASHION and BEAUTY bloggers and publishers. We focus on quality, engaged and vocal influencers who are at the forefront of online publishing and content creation. Acceptance into our network does not come easy! Each blogger and publisher applicant goes through a vigorous review process in order to be accepted into the organization.

Way to go, Kayla!  Click on the photo to be taken to the post:













And another one of her posts was featured on Pickie, which also looks really, really cool!  Here’s what Pickie is as per their website:

Pickie is a daily, personalized magazine of stuff you like. Read articles from expert bloggers & stylists in fashion, beauty & home, discover crafty DIY projects and shop every product you see from a single, hassle-free account.

Click on the photo below to be taken to her Pickie article featuring products for Summer Beauty Survival.














And check out her blog Peace, Love & Glitter!  It’s fabulous!  And while you’re at it, check out the Beauty Faves board on the Larkspur Pinterest page.  It’s filled with all kinds of recommendations from Kayla…..and a few from me…..for things like corn cushions and wart remover…..because I’m cool like that.

Love and mascara and lots of pats on the head cuz we’re proud of our little makeup guru,