Kayla’s Blog: Peace, Love & Glitter!

So proud of our Kayla!  She has gone back to school to pursue something she is very passionate about and just loves!  She is studying to become an esthetician, and is doing quite well I might add!  She scored a 94% on her first test, and that was after a late night of performing with us!  She also has been writing a beauty blog called Peace, Love & Glitter.  Her readership has grown by over 1000 readers each month since she began in October of 2011.  She reviews products, shares tips and bargains, and provides a forum for the discussion of all things beauty related.  I’m a big fan of the Fancy Shoe Friday feature, although my feet hurt just looking at the photos.  Make sure you check out the blog by clicking on the sparkly pink Peace, Love & Glitter below!  And be sure to like it on Facebook!  I provided a link for that too because I’m cool like that.



Love and pretty makeups,


P.S.  A little Peace, Love and Glitter Update:  Fallon did a guest spot on Kayla’s blog!  They both reviewed the same product.  And unbeknownst to me, Fallon has a blog too!  There’s a link to it within the post below.  Makes me feel like I should have a blog.  Oh….wait….I guess that’s what this is.  Click on this photo to learn all about their thoughts on this lip butter.  And then they discuss how to achieve peace in the Middle East.