Larkspur To Host Its Own Dance Team Competition!

It’s on!  I can’t wait!  I had a very successful meeting with my good friend Brett Elder, Missouri Dance Team Association President.  We totally hatched a plot to merge forces and bring a quality regional competition to Missouri that would be open to high school dance teams on the Missouri and Kansas side of the greater Kansas City area!  Then we will move on to world domination, but Kansas City is a good start.  🙂  Larkspur Dance and Choreography would make history as the first professional, independent organization to host a competition for the Missouri Dance Team Association.  And we’d probably be the only ones who would care or take any interest in this fact, but so what.  Yay!  Be on the lookout for more information on the “Kansas City Classic” (That’s what we’re calling it.  Cute, no?) which is slated to take place in November of 2011!

And I’d like to post embarrassing photos from the past of me and Brett right here, but my hair just looks way too bad.  And big.  Like it could house a small family of rodents.  Which I would totally do when I was low on Aqua Net.

Larkspur Love,