MDTA State Championship

It was another great year at the Family Arena!  Thank you to all the board members, coaches, teams, judges, staff, spectators…EVERYONE who made the day go so well!  I love Missouri and its dance teams and I’m so proud to be a part of it.  And I’m so proud of The Kansas City Classic teams!  

Division One

Barstow:  4th in Jazz

Bishop LeBlond:  1st in Pom, 2nd in Jazz and 2nd Overall

Maryville: 1st in Pom, 1st in Lyrical and 4th Overall

St. Pius X:  1st in Jazz, 2nd in Pom and 1st Overall


Division Two

Center:  2nd in Kick

Lincoln Prep:  1st in Lyrical, 1st in Hip Hop

Smithville:  1st in Jazz, 3rd in Pom, 4th Overall


Division Three

Grain Valley:  3rd in Hip Hop

Kearney:  1st in Lyrical, 1st in Pom, 2nd Overall

Notre Dame de Sion:  1st in Kick, 2nd in Pom, 1st Overall

Platte County:  3rd in Jazz, 2nd in Hip Hop


Division Four

Oak Park:  4th in Mix

North Kansas City:  1st in Hip Hop, 3rd in Pom, 3rd Overall


Division Five

Liberty:  1st in Lyrical, 1st in Pom, 1st Overall

Liberty North:  1st in Jazz, 4th in Hip Hop, 5th Overall

Park Hill South:  3rd in Lyrical, 1st in Hip Hop, 3rd Overall

St. Teresa’s Academy:  2nd in Mix, 2nd in Jazz

Staley:  2nd in Lyrical


Division Six

Blue Springs:  4th in Hip Hop, 5th in Jazz

Blue Springs South:  3rd in Mix, 5th in Jazz

Lee’s Summit:  3rd in Jazz, 4th in Pom

Lee’s Summit West:  5th in Pom

Raymore-Peculiar:  3rd in Pom

Checking on the voice transfer room and was admiring the trophy set up which takes forever and realized, “Hey, that’s Liberty!”

Checking on the coach hospitality suite and admiring the view from way up top and realized, “Hey, that’s Oak Park!”

St. Pius X is a team that will always be special to me because it’s my alma mater and a loyal KC Classic team since the very beginning! Congratulations on your Division 1 Title!!!

Congratulations to the Liberty Sapphires, our amazing cohosts of the KC Classic! The hardest working team and coaches in Missouri for sure! Congratulations on your Division 5 Title!

Notre Dame de Sion! Another awesome KC Classic team that’s been loyal since the beginning! Congratulations on your Division 3 Title!

And then we have these goobers…I mean, esteemed judges on our fantastic panel. I wish I had a photo of all the staff that helped run the event too. They’re just as dear and valuable. Maybe next year if we’re not too busy.