Miss Kansas Drill Team Festival

Many thanks to Gail Holder and the Olathe South Golden Girls for having me back to judge the Miss Kansas Drill Team Festival January 16th and 17th!  I loved it again this year!  It’s my favorite non-competition competition.  🙂  I think there were 45 teams from Kansas, and at least a million solos.  I’m exaggerating, but there were a ton.  I think I heard Gail say that they’re in their 33rd year!!  It’s very different from a lot of other contests because they don’t award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc, but teams still get evaluated and receive feedback from judges.  It’s just a really cool event and I was glad to be a part of it!  So much talent in Kansas, and in the Midwest in general, it makes me really proud to be from here.  Here’s some photos:

This first one is a public service announcement.  Always pack flip flops or sneakers no matter what.  There was a fire alarm that went off at the hotel, and we all had to evacuate.  My footwear options consisted of sparkly cowboy boots and black high heel boots.  Neither were very appropriate emergency footwear, but the cowboy boots trump heels any day in an emergency situation.  Photo credit:  Sara Cain Dorrian























Judges huddled together, finding solace in the fact that our purses and sparkly cowboy boots were safe.  I might start packing emergency yoga pants as well.  Sara looks like she could totally be running errands in that outfit.  Shelley isn’t enjoying the lobby party at the LaQuinta.  Photo credit:  Brett Elder.
























We did actually judge the next day.  This was a cool themed pom routine from Kansas City Classic team Olathe North!  They’re jedis and they used Star Wars music!  I was completely geeking out!  And if you don’t know what jedis are, stop reading this post.  I just don’t think we can be friends.


























One of my favorite things about judging dance competitions is the people.  Here’s one of my faves, along with all the aforementioned and aforepictured.  Jeff Storey is king of the selfie with others.  Photo credit:  Jeff Storey.  Duh.
























And here’s the inimitable Gail Holder addressing the masses at the awards ceremony.  That gym is packed.  Really only a panoramic camera will do it justice.  I bet there’s an app for that.  Gail


Here’s to another great year at the Miss Kansas Drill Team Festival, and here’s to at least 30 more!!

Drill team atten-hut, dress right dress, hand salute (because they still do awesome military routines in Kansas),