Missouri Dance Team Championship

We love Missouri and its dance teams!  The weekend started on Friday with the solo competition.  Kayla, Natalie and Fallon got to help judge 82 solos.  I’m very proud of some KC Classic dancers who placed in the top half of their class:

Freshman Solos:

  • Katie Rhodus, Kearney 1st
  • Alaina Lee, Liberty North 2nd
  • JoAnna Abbott, St. Pius X 6th
  • Angelina Glorioso, St. Pius X 7th
  • Maddie Phillips, Raymore-Peculiar 9th

Junior Solos:

  • Brooke Eddins, Blue Springs South 1st
  • Malorie Colby, Liberty North 3rd
  • Sophia Hirt, Raymore-Peculiar 5th
  • Nicki Ragusa, St. Pius X 7th

Senior Solos:

  • Brady Grace Smith, Park Hill South 2nd
  • Taylor Holbrook, Raymore-Peculiar 5th
  • Madeline Champers, Lee’s Summit 7th
  • Samantha Franklin, Lee’s Summit 8th
  • Ashley Ahrens, Raymore-Peculiar 12th

The team competition on Saturday had 99 teams with 198 performances!  It was so great having Tamara back to help with judging and I was very happy to help out in the role of site coordinator for the team competition at Kemper Arena.  The Kansas City Classic teams made us very proud and many received placements in their categories and divisions!

Division One:

  • Lathrop 4th Kick
  • Maryville 1st Pom, 2nd Dance, 1st Overall
  • Barstow 4th Dance, 2nd Mix, 5th Overall

Division Two:

  • Harrisonville 3rd Prop
  • Lincoln Prep 3rd Hip Hop, 5th Prop
  • Center Kick 4th, Prop 3rd
  • Pembroke Hill Mix 5th, Dance 4th
  • St. Pius X Pom 2nd, Dance 3rd, 4th Overall
  • Smithville Pom 3rd, Dance 2nd, 2nd Overall

Division Three:

  • Notre Dame de Sion 1st Kick, 1st Pom, 1st Overall
  • Kearney 1st Dance, 2nd Hip Hop, 2nd Overall
  • Platte County 3rd Hip Hop, 4th Pom, 4th Overall

Division Four:

  • Winnetonka 2nd Mix, 5th Hip Hop
  • Oak Park 4th Mix
  • Liberty North 2nd Hip Hop, 4th Dance, 3rd Overall

Division Five:

  • St. Teresa’s Academy 4th Dance, 3rd Mix
  • Hickman 5th Mix
  • Park Hill South 2nd Hip Hop, 2nd Dance, 3rd Overall
  • Liberty 1st Dance, 1st Pom, 1st Overall

Division Six:

  • Blue Springs South 1st Mix, 1st Kick
  • Raymore-Peculiar 4th Pom
  • Lee’s Summit 6th Dance
  • Lee’s Summit West 1st Pom, 5th Overall
  • Lee’s Summit North 3rd Pom, 3rd Dance, 3rd Overall

Congratulations on another great year of dance to all the Missouri schools and looking forward to another great one next year!

Cue the flying bat that graced Kemper with its presence,


Photo credits go once again to the delightful Elaine Dull, who has the best view from the floor!

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