Missouri Dance Team Championship


Congratulations to all the Kansas City Classic teams who participated in the Missouri Dance Team Championship (commonly referred to as “state” in these parts.)  We are so pleased with how well our teams did, whether they used our choreo, had us out for a perfecting session (“cleaning” in these parts), or just came to our contest!  It was a great day!

Here’s some highlights:


Barstow placed 2nd in Dance, 4th in Pom and 4th Overall.



Center placed 2nd in Kick and 4th in Pom.

Pembroke Hill placed 2nd in Dance.

St. Pius X (KC) placed 3rd in Dance, 3rd in Pom and 5th Overall.

Smithville placed 2nd in Prop, 2nd in Pom and 2nd Overall.

Lincoln Prep placed 4th in Prop and 5th in Hip Hop.



Notre Dame de Sion placed 1st in Kick, 1st in Pom and 1st Overall.

Kearney placed 2nd in Prop, 2nd in Dance and 4th Overall.

Platte County placed 2nd in Hip Hop.



Oak Park placed 1st in Mix, 5th in Dance and 4th Overall.

William Chrisman placed 4th in Kick and 5th in Pom.

Liberty North placed 1st in Hip Hop, 2nd in Dance and 1st Overall.

Winnetonka placed 3rd in Hip Hop.

Belton placed 4th in Hip Hop.



Liberty placed 1st in Dance, 1st in Hip Hop, and 1st Overall.

Park Hill South placed 2nd in Dance, 3rd in Hip Hop and 2nd Overall.

Raytown placed 5th in Pom.

Hickman placed 3rd in Mix.



Blue Springs South placed 1st in Mix

Lee’s Summit West placed 1st in Prop, 3rd in Dance, and 5th Overall.

Lee’s Summit North placed 2nd in Pom, 2nd in Dance, and 2nd Overall.

Raymore-Peculiar placed 4th in Pom, 3rd in Dance, and 4th Overall.



Here’s some photos snapped by our buddy Elaine Dull.  For more photos go to the MDTA Facebook page (and hit like when you’re there!)

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