Missouri Dance Team Championship

Missouri Dance Team Championships!

So very, very happy and pleased that Larkspur was one of many proud sponsors of the 2011 Missouri Dance Team Championship held in St. Louis this year!  The contest was great!  There were  97 high school dance teams from all over the state, competing in Jazz, Kick, Pom, Hip Hop, Mix, and Prop categories.  The teams did an outstanding job!  I was so proud of all the talent in this state!  Loved seeing the other judges on the panel, too! You guys are amazing!  So much fun hanging with you!  Thanks for everything, Brett and Yvonne!

Love and spirit fingers,


Missouri Dance Team Championship!
















Me and the awesome Iris Sherman










Fabulous reunion with these girls! Me, Tarah Sullivan, and Alice from Dallas Dack











Me, Dave Dazzman Sanchez, and the lovely Laura Eilers










Yvonne Cole and Shary Anderson










Dave and Donnette