Shelley telling 'em what's what

Missouri Regional Competition

Larkspur Dance and Choreography was proud to be a sponsor of the 14th Annual Lee’s Summit North Dance Team Invitational!  It’s the largest dance team competition in the Kansas City area, and this year the LSN Invitational hosted 45 teams, and over 80 solos, ensembles, and duets!  I was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the judges panel again with Missouri Dance Team Association President Brett Elder (a.k.a. Howie), and the former choreographer and captain of The Kansas City Brigade Girls, Angie Davis!  I had a great time with you guys!  I just love this competition!  Such a great opportunity to help teams prepare for the Missouri State Competition in February.  Many thanks go to Coach Shelley McCain and her lovely and talented Northern Stars for having us! Certainly a highlight in the day for me was seeing Fallon and Kayla!  They came to take in some dance team awesomeness and wave at me.   😛  And make faces. And it filled my heart, I’m not lying.  And we were the only three people in that big crowd that stood up to look at each other across packed bleachers so we could show mutual appreciation for a risky, yet fabulous song choice that expresses the artist’s affinity for shoes.  We feel his pain.  We adore shoes, too.

Love and Muffins,