A very sweaty me and a very sweet Hunter

More Scenes for Outlaw Country!

I just got back from Nashville where I had the best time ever shooting more scenes for the FX Network pilot “Outlaw Country.”  It was hot as Hades, and there were no Ted Danson sightings, but for a multitude of reasons this was one of the best times I’ve ever had in that city.  Hung out with Jason Lopez of DDO Nashville. He’s my agent, but I feel weird calling him that.  We’ll say he’s my friend in Nashville who likes to accompany me to Starbucks and Bar-B-Cutie where we talk shop.  And he’ll read over my shoulder and laugh while I send bogus emails to people who deserve it.  It’s the modern day prank phone call.

So then when I went to “work,” I got paired up with my new best friend Michael Vine, who is a delightful and extremely funny individual.  He and I were to pal around and act like we came to this event together.  If we get a credit it should read as such:  Biracial Couple Who Obviously Didn’t Coordinate Their Outfits Beforehand.  I was all tarted up, and he looked like a librarian…with a fro.  The series is being directed by Adam Arkin, and Michael and I spent a good part of the day playing sort of a Six Degrees of Arkin game since this dude has been in every single TV show ever made.  It was actually pretty cool to watch him work.  We also hung out with this endearing guy named Hunter who had served in Iraq before he was shot.  I just loved him to pieces.  The heat index was 112 that day, and he assured me that Iraq is hotter.  I just can’t even imagine.  The heat. Getting shot.  All of it.  And I can’t forget the Hot Dog Kids!  That’s what they should be called.  Cute little Ben and Alexandria who had to repeatedly get hot dogs from a vendor while the scene was being shot….over and over and over again….while Michael and I gyrated and made faces at them.  Because we’re cool like that.  And professional. Thanks so much for being so nice to me!  I hope I get to see you guys again soon!

Love and all things Arkin,


The Biracial Couple Who Obviously Did Not Coordinate Their Outfits.

A very sweaty me and a very sweet Hunter


The Hot Dog Kids