Natalie LBD 2

Natalie in Little Black Dress Series!

Our good friend and fabulous photographer Tom Styrkowicz decided that he wanted to inject some more creative “shapes” into his acclaimed Little Black Dress series.  After a recent Larkspur photo shoot with him, he was smitten with our little Natalie and thought she would be the perfect model to bring to life this exploration beyond a straightforword LBD.  I wholeheartedly agreed!  Especially with her sassy new supermodel haircut!  Tom wanted to make a “round” dress, and went about doing so with nothing but black ballet tutus.  Great job, Natalie!  These are fun, fun photos and we all can’t wait to see the addition of them into Tom’s Little Black Dress Series!  And Goth Big Bird called.  He wants his outfit back.  When you’re done with it.  He said to take your time.

Love and big, round, fluffy LBD’s,