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New Larkspur Services

We’re excited to announce the successful rollout of two new Larkspur services this year! The first is the administration of tryouts/auditions for dance teams.  Having us come in and handle clinics and tryouts for your team will make a process that is oftentimes a strain and stressor actually more enjoyable for coaches.  It will also help teams start off their year with a strong foundation!  Here’s an outline of the process:

  • After consultations with coaches, a tryout routine is choreographed in a “mix” format, utilizing styles the team will perform the following year.
  • The tryout mix is taught over the course of two clinics, along with relevant technical skills selected to keep your team up to date and competitive
  • Qualified and knowledgeable judges will be secured to evaluate the candidates the day of tryouts
  • Judges will use a scoresheet to evaluate dancers that has been formulated from extensive research and input from coaches of nationally ranked teams from all regions of the country
  • Everything from instruction during the clinics, to communicating the logistics the day of tryouts and leading candidates through the process will all be handled by Larkspur.
  • A tabulator and data entry spreadsheet will be provided that will be prepped to include scoresheet categories and items decided upon during the consultation such as teacher evaluations, the ability to weight categories deemed most important to you and your team, rating and ranking of the candidates utilizing color coded breakdowns so breaks in scores are highly visible, and a variety of sorting options which come in handy when presenting and/or justifying results.  

Here’s a quote from a very happy coach:  “Tryouts were AWESOME. It really was so helpful, and Fallon and Kayla were great. It was good for all of us to have some outside folks do this, that way it really covered us on the pushback that always surrounds tryouts. We couldn’t have asked for more!”

The second new service we provided this year was perfecting sessions and critique via video.  The following is an outline of that process:

  • Send a video of the routine you’d like evaluated to us.
  • After extensive review, a new and detailed video will be sent back, outlining concrete suggestions for improvement.
  • Once suggestions are implemented, a follow-up video may be sent back to us for further review.

I’m very pleased to report that our very first perfecting sessions and critique via video resulted in two first-place finishes at the state level this year!  

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want more details about any of our services, old or new!  We love working with dance teams and coaches in any capacity!