Larkspur 0635

New reels!

It was time to put together some new reels!  I called in every favor.  🙂  A big, fat thank you from the bottom of my big, fat heart goes out to my Larkspur girls.  It is no secret that I just love dancing with you.  Of course Melissa Kothe of Camera Girl Images lent us her expertise.  Thanks so much to Ryan Gray, our favorite little video guy ever!  He’s gotten amazing opportunities to work on projects with the likes of Sugarland and Little Big Town, so why he even returns my messages is beyond me.   🙂  Matt, Tracy, and Dustin from VooDoo:  thanks for letting me come “home.”  And for letting me use all the bells and whistles!

And I have an aerial reel now!  Thanks, Rachel, for being such a good teacher.  And for my husky lats.  Except I really don’t like that last part.    😡

And thanks, Jason Lopez, for your honest advice and opinions!  I really appreciate it!

You can see the reels here or on the DDO Nashville website.

Love and fun dance wardrobe,