14th Annual Oklahoma State Dance Team Championship

Oklahoma State Dance Team Championship

I just got back from Oklahoma where I had the great opportunity to judge one of my favorite state competitions!  So much talent in Oklahoma!  There were over 100 teams there.  The Oklahoma Dance Team Directors Association is a really cool organization.  I like how they have awards for Coaches of the Year, and they do this neat All-State dance team thing made up of the state’s top dancers, and they award scholarships.  I’m always so humbled and ecstatic at the same time to be part of a group of such talented and experienced judges.  Got to hang with my buddies Brett, Sara, Julie and Shelley!  Always so good to see them!  And I loved my judging panel:  Kelly and Erika!  Thanks so much for having me back and for an awesome weekend!  And I didn’t almost lose my wallet and all its contents this time.  Nor did I ruin my cell phone.  The Oklahoma Curse has apparently been lifted!

Love and Boomer Sooner,