“Outlaw Country” TV Series

I got to help my good friend Katye Baker, owner of All About Dance by Katye, choreograph a performance at a corporate event for Citizen’s Bank and Trust!  We had so much fun!  I also performed at the event with other members of Katye’s awesome staff!  So good to be working with her again!  Brought back all kinds of good memories!  My favorite part was when I drove over the curb at her dance studio and she evidently saw me through the window, and she stopped what she was doing (which was tons since it was about an hour before this thing was supposed to happen) and she came out to the parking lot so she could point and laugh at me while I tried to right this egregious wrong.  She has always been the better dancer, and the better driver.   😮

Then I went to Nashville to shoot scenes for FX Network’s new series entitled “Outlaw Country.”  Fun!  It’s starring Mary Steenburgen.  Love her!  What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. That’s one of those movies that you find yourself pausing and watching no matter how many times you’ve seen it.  I passed Ted Danson on my way to the bathroom.  He said hello.  I just gave him a quick salute because I was in a stupid outfit.

Love and cowboy boots,