Photos of Natalie Featured In Art Show

Natalie’s photos taken by our good friend, Tom Styrkowicz, were featured in his photographic art show entitled “The Art of the Portrait” at 2009 Gallery in downtown Kansas City! ¬†The show’s focus was Tom’s ability to capture the essence of his subject and their personality, and his uncanny knack for storytelling through his photos. ¬†Congratulations, Tom, on an awesome show and congratulations, Natalie, on your superb modeling!

Very cool gallery!

Check out Natalie’s portrait on the right! Rocking the Goth Big Bird ensemble! Love it!

The Natalie Wall. She was kind enough to let this girl with the fabulous hair flip have one spot.

“It’s me!”

Larkspur shot with the model! Cassie, Melanie, Natalie, and Kayla

This is us acting like jerks when Natalie wasn’t looking.

This is why you can’t take us anywhere nice.

The girls did the Forever 21 Mannequin pose and tried to pass themselves off as live sculptures. “It’s performance art, people!!!”

And look who we met! This is Jennifer Oldham Bertrand, the third season winner of HGTV’s Design Star. She’s based in Kansas City now and participated in the Face to Face series that was featured in the same gallery as Tom’s Art of the Portrait series. Face to Face featured artists’ portraits of other artists! By the way, check out the portrait photo bomb in this photo. Crazy.

This is Jennifer’s portrait of Tom for the Face to Face series! I loved it!