Photoshoot With Vixen Pin-Up Photography

We needed some posed group photos and our good friend and aerial goddess Rachel McMeachin suggested that we enlist the talents of Nikki Moreno, owner of Vixen Pin-Up Photography.  So glad we did!  We got something  colorful, fun and different than any of our other photos.  Vixen Pin-Up is a collaboration between Nikki and her business partner/makeup artist friend Candy Cunningham.  They specialize in pin up and glamour photography, and Nikki is one of the most renowned photographers for burlesque performers.  (I read this when I did some Google snooping on the internets.)  They put this cool retro spin on their photos, and you can tell they absolutely love what they do! Thanks so much, Nikki!  We had so much fun and we adore the photos!

Love and Betty Grable,






























With Photog Nikki Moreno. Love her!









At Vixen Pin-Up












Being stupid with awesome props