Redemption Road Movie!

I got a great opportunity to go to Nashville and dance for a movie that is going to be released next year!  It’s called “Redemption Road” and Michael Clarke Duncan, the big dude from The Green Mile is starring in it.  It’s directed by Mario Van Peebles and it was all I could do not to tap him on the shoulder and say, “Dude, New Jack City really freaked me out.”  What a fun, fun day!  We did a line dance choreographed by Jenny Cain, who also choreographed Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” video.  She, by the way, is a really gracious individual.  Very cool.  I got to do some other fun “extras in the background” things as well.  If there’s a credit for “Girl Who Tried To Look Natural and Casual Leaving The Honky Tonk While Michael Clarke Duncan Was Walking In,” that’s me!  Woot woot!  Here’s some poor quality, grainy photos from the shoot.  Let’s play “Where’s Waldo.”  I’m in a red tank top……GO!

Love and line dancing,










Kenny Garner (the nicest guy in Nashville) teaching Mario Van Peebles how to line dance.










My “looking natural” scene.  🙂