The Ray Pec Prowlers!  These girls were wonderful and oh so precious!  Love them!

Swingin’ From The Rafters With Ray-Pec!

At our dance team competition, The Kansas City Classic, the lovely and talented Raymore Peculiar Prowlers earned the most points making them the overall grand champions!  As their grand prize, we provided them with an introductory aerial lesson with our good friend Rachel McMeachin of Voler-Thieves of Flight.  They came to Rachel’s loft on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and after a major yoga session, she led them through some inversions, a standard climb, and some poses on silk aerial fabrics.  The loft was filled with giggles and squeals of delight!  These girls were naturals!  Many, many thanks to Rachel for her awesome instruction and to the Prowlers’ parents who braved the West Bottoms to bring them to their class!  And a very special thank you to the Prowlers’ coach for being so instrumental in making this happen for her girls!  Be sure to check out the photos below!

Love and peculiarly sore muscles,

Melanie  😮

Preparing the lats...

More yoga torture

I was jealous of their splits, I'm not gonna lie....

A fun inversion!

Another inversion. Look at those FEET! Pretty, pretty toes!

Rachel teaching the girls how to wrap and climb

Climbing just like Tarzan

Attempting an angel descent.....SUCCESS!!

Look! No hands!

A pretty pose

Sam rocking the very first pose Rachel taught

Here's our Larkspur Scholarship winner Melody rocking a pretty pose....and a flexible back....

It was a busy, busy loft!

Hanging around....

Stike a pose!

The Ray Pec Prowlers! These girls were wonderful and oh so precious! Love them!

This time Coach Cheryl Gray hopped on the center fabric! Love her too!

And here are the three goobers who wore their Kansas City Classic T-shirts! Kindly disregard the post-aerial class hair and dewy complexion...of the old one...on the left.