Thank you, IHSDTA!

I’m so grateful to the Indiana High School Dance Team Association for having me again this year to judge invitationals, regionals and state!  It was like I “wintered” in Indiana, and I loved every minute of it.  IHSDTA has really grown into quite the powerhouse organization, and I always learn so much from some really great people and teams when I judge one of their contests.  It was a great year!  Here’s some of my favorite photos from this year’s dance season:


The season started off great sitting on a panel with these gals. Love them! Mishra is my sounding board on all things health related (among other things) and Nicole is an interior designer who tolerates me and my never-ending questions.


Here’s our fearless leader Kelly trying to eat her lunch, but dutifully talking to a member of the press instead. I harassed her by snapping photos. She didn’t think that was helpful for some reason.


I call this one “The Iceman Cometh.”


I thought this was kind of cool. Not sure why the Southwest logo had to be showcased by an uplight, but a nice touch nonetheless.


This was fun! I got to fly with my buddies Jeff and Bob on one of the trips. Jeff and I talk books, home decor, and routine design endlessly, and Bob is my go to on all things percussion. Why do my teeth look so huge, btw?


Not only am I a willing middle seat flyer, but I share my drink tickets as well. This most likely contributed to my huge smile in the above photo.


Kitty and I getting ready to judge the Kick category. I’m a tolerant judge, but Kitty can be downright lethal if left to her own devices, therefore we’re a good team.


Here I am exhibiting the ugly cry face, but they were happy tears. I just got word that Larkspur teams did very well at the Missouri State Dance Team Championship. Yay! I was so proud, but a total mess for about 5 minutes. Shoutout to the taker of this photo, my little buddy Angie Frizzell, former Purdue dancer (insert obligatory Boiler Up or whatever) and someone who’s judging prowess (and line dancing) has grown exponentially over the past season.


Bob being Bob. He’s the best at hanging out with the kids before they perform, getting them on the floor, and waiting for nimrod judges to be ready (what he’s doing in this photo). Beloved fixture of IHSDTA. He can’t go anywhere in Indy without a gaggle of kids greeting him with, “Hey, Bob!”


I call this one “Indiana Winters Are Brutal.”


My ride to the airport. Can’t believe we made it.


Best seat mate ever. His owners…not so much.


I did actually get to experience some decent Indiana weather my last weekend there. I didn’t know how to behave. This is what the locals refer to as “snirt.” A combo of snow and dirt from plowing. Some of them are piled 10 feet high.



I got to judge with my friend Iris!! A really great judge and always so good seeing her!!


The backdrop didn’t come crashing down this year. That always added some danger and excitement.


My forever friend Brett and I got to be on the same panel! Again!! This made for an excellent day! Sometimes I want to just put my recorder in front of his mouth too, because what he’s saying is usually so much better than what I’m saying.


He was having pencil issues, so I loaned him one. Heh heh heh. Kitty gets around.


After the obligatory brunch pigout at Cafe Patachou, Sara, Brett and I took a self guided driving tour of Indianapolis that included Lucas Oil Stadium, a pretty park, and a couple of really sketchy neighborhoods.


We made it to the airport with time to kill. I’m so much better at hiding than Sara. She’s like a radiant angel with a spotlight and I’m full on Rambo. We really missed our buddy Shelley, but she was enjoying a much deserved vacation and flew straight from Indy to Phoenix. We were trying not to hate her.


Getting close to my home sweet home. Missour-AH! Anyone who doesn’t think this is beautiful is just plain nuts. Love my state.


This is a good one to end on. This sums up judging for me. Hanging out with some great people and getting to do something weI love. We had the dreaded last row AND the dude in front of us was the most obnoxious human being I have ever come across. Like all trials in life, we handled it like mature adults.