The ONE Love Movement

I was so excited and honored to be a part of this fantastic event again this year at Olathe North! The O.N.E. Love Movement has been inspired by Kristin Sudeikis, an Olathe North alum who is now an artistic director and choreographer. Their mission is to unite local dancers in the Kansas City area in a non-competitive atmosphere. It is about love for dance and love for people. How awesome is that?  I got to evaluate some great material performed by talented teams, AND got to work with some really great judges on the panel.  It was a fantastic day!  Thank you Olathe North Eaglettes and their wonderful coach Sara Heptig for allowing me the opportunity to come be a part of it!  Here’s some highlights:

The Avila Glitter Girls performed a hip hop routine choreographed by a couple of their team members!  Loved their performance! Shout out to Kathryn Elliott, former Ray Pec Prowler and current Glitter Girl doing her thing on the floor while I creeped on her from behind still sitting at the judges’ table.   🙂 

I also really enjoyed this performance of the JCCC Golden Girls and Company!  Shout out to Olathe North Eaglettes alum Jimeara !  

My favorite performance of the day has to be this one!  This group is called Project Access.  The Olathe North Eaglettes work with them to bring dance to people with special needs.  Love this so much!  

I actually snapped a decent photo when I wasn’t judging.  Most of the photos I take are right after the good part I wanted to capture, but this one was actually decent.  I caught the Shawnee Mission East Lancer Dancers doing a great lift and utilizing levels in their kick routine.  

During the day it dawned on me that I was a Missouri girl in a Kansas gym, sitting in a KU Jayhawk chair, wearing Mizzou colors.  Thankfully I didn’t spontaneously combust and no riots broke out.  I kept it on the down low just in case.  

And here’s my second favorite part of the day…seeing this woman in action.  Sara Heptig is the coolest chick with the biggest heart in the dance team world, that is for sure.  

Thanks again for letting me be a part of The ONE Love Movement!