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The Social Distancing Showdown


The dance community has been dealt quite a blow with the cancellation of contests around the country. I’d still love to connect with you all through this thing that we love, so I’ve created the first playlist in a series I’ve entitled The Social Distancing Showdown. Like a handful of us still active in the dance world, my childhood began in the 1970’s. The moves were groovy, the clothes even groovier, and the shag carpet on which I watched these shows was gold. 🤣 You can just watch and enjoy, or you can comment and rate on your favorites below. It’s totally up to you, but either way, I hope you enjoy this little dance history lesson and maybe more of you will get my references after watching. Catch ya on the flip side, hip cats!


















For the second installment of The Social Distancing Showdown, we are revisiting another decade of my childhood:  the 1980s.  Boomboxes, parachute pants, and shopping malls were all the rage.  My bangs were huge, but my poms were even larger.  Dance was evolving and also emerging to the forefront of entertainment!  Exciting times indeed!  It was really hard to narrow down this list, but I managed, and I only showed slight favoritism to the TV show Fame by choosing two videos from that series.  Warning:  if you couldn’t handle this year’s Super Bowl halftime, you’re not ready for the Solid Gold dancers.  You’re welcome!  

The Social Distancing Showdown – 1980s Playlist
















The third installment of The Social Distancing Showdown features the 1990s. Spandex, large cut denim, and over plucked eyebrows. Not sure I want to revisit the fashion, but dance I would revisit again and again and again. At the forefront of dance as we know it today is the tiny little powerhouse who was the catalyst of all this awesomeness…Paula Abdul. Learn her, love her, live her. She made Janet into Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty.) Also huge were the Fly Girls from In Living Color featuring a little someone now known as JLo. Enjoy!…


















The fourth installment of the Social Distancing Showdown is a playlist of my favorites from the 2000s. This was really hard to narrow down and I’m sure I’m missing something. As a matter of fact, I went back to the 90s playlist and added one that I couldn’t believe I missed! At the beginning of this decade our country suffered immensely from the 9/11 terror attacks, forever altering everything and everybody, much like what we’re going through right now. On a lighter note, flip phones and BlackBerries were all the rage. Another big thing I remember about the 2000s was transferring stacks of CDs to my very first iPod! Enjoy this trip down memory lane!…












This one was really difficult to narrow down!  There was a lot of good stuff released this last decade.  I had about 20 on the list, but got it narrowed down to 10.  If they struck me as really different or well done, they stayed on the list.  Or if I just liked them, they stayed on the list.  🙂