theConvention by dylan a Huge Success!

Donnette’s convention in Chicago was wonderful!  Proud of her and Andrea!  The hotel was a really, really nice place to hang for the weekend.  It was right underneath those corn cob tower things that intrigue me to no end.  There were 300 dance professionals there, ages thirteen to thirty (unless you count me, but I don’t think they’re going to use my age because it would totally skew any sort of statistical data they may be gathering, and the next thing you know they will be thinking they have some sort of stake in the middle aged housewife market or what have you).

We learned new and exciting dance material!  Sakinah LeStage is a really, really, really good teacher!  Extremely talented.  And Brahim Rachiki is just a splendidly amazing individual.  What a cool and spiritual and gentle soul. And he respects his talent and craft and is still so interested in what others have to offer.  He wanted to hear all about The Whiskey Girls and see “this country music dancing.”  (That last part is really humorous when it was spoken with his accent.)  Don’t worry, girls.  I resisted the urge to teach The Watermelon Crawl to someone who has shared physical space with Michael Jackson and Madonna, even though The Watermelon Crawl is nothing but fabulous if you ask me AND I think he would have LOVED it!  But anyway, his class was great.  Wes Chapman taught a really great ballet class from what I hear.  I was chastised by Mishra for not darkening the doorway of that one, but come on!  My goal is not to mortify every single person on the planet, including Wes Chapman.

Lots of seminar type things as well led by agents and managers in the industry.  How to take a good headshot, developing a brand, building your resume, etc and etc and etc.  And our Mishra taught an extremely popular and informative health and nutrition class on how to get your body audition ready.  I couldn’t make it.  I was at Burger King.  🙂  And that’s not true.  Oh yeah, and I almost forgot!  Jordan Francis taught an awesome hip hop routine!  Well, at least it looked awesome when Donnette’s friend Toya was doing it in a sundress because she just came from some sort of tryout for the college dance team she coaches or something like that.  It was awesome to meet her and tell her what a legend she is in Missouri!  She’s choreographed for a college team here and people are still talking about her material.

Good, good, good, good times!  Donnette, thanks so much for having me and letting me be a part of it!  Congratulations to you and my new favorite person Andrea on a great event!

Here’s a couple photos below.  For more go to theConvention’s website.

Love and freedomFromConventionalSpacingAndPunctuation,


Donnette and Wes Chapman


Me and Brahim Rachiki




















theConvention by dylan