Yippee ki yay! We’re Teaching Line Dancing!

Melanie and Cassie were booked as line dance instructors for a Vet Partners party at the National CVC!  It was great to work the event with DJ Kirby!  He’s a really cool guy who does mixes for all kinds of musical genres, puts them together and then they’re broadcast on ten different radio stations across the country.  I know.  What he was doing slumming with me and Cassie I will never know.  But I’m so glad he did!  Click on this nifty little photo of him and it’ll take you to his website:



We forgot to take any photos or videos at the event, but here’s what we think it looked like:



This is most likely what it DID look like:


Thanks so much for having us!  Practice your Cowboy Shuffle and Slappin’ Leather!

And a grapevine to the right, now the left, bring it back, 2 stomps, lather, rinse, repeat,