What can you expect from a Larkspur clinic? Our main focus will be to teach usable and crowd pleasing
material for the upcoming school year. We’ve heard from countless coaches that camp can be a valuable
experience, but it’s an expensive one, and often teams don’t come home with a lot of performable
material. Here are some attributes from our clinic that have resulted in great positive feedback from
coaches and teams that have attended the past few years:

  • It’s a local opportunity that is an affordable alternative or enhancement to a larger camp
  • A discount is also offered to teams that have attended prior Larkspur events.
  • At our clinic we will teach you material that is fun AND fit to perform at pep rallies and
    athletic events for your school. Routines include transitions, visuals, and different options so that
    you can make the material fit your team.
  • We keep the routines true to the assigned ability level, but no routine is a throw away! You’ll be
    able to perform it at home! It’s been a thrill to see video performances of the material taught at our
    clinic, whether it was the full routines, or even the hip hop sidelines incorporated into full length
  • We’ll also include a warm-up routine that you can utilize at practices to strengthen the all
    important core muscles, and improve cardio conditioning and flexibiltiy.
  • Team members make great connections too by dancing with other school teams!
  • Each team will receive all the music used at the clinic, and the music is compliant with copyright laws.
  • Routine instruction and performances can be videotaped to help with memory.
  • 2 leveled technique classes to improve turns and leaps for beginners all the way up to advanced

We hope you’ll take advantage of our clinic that has a proven track record for providing great material
and a positive experience for your dancers!

NEW THIS YEAR:                                                                                         The number of routines taught will be dependent upon the enrollment size of the clinic.  A third routine will be added during both instructional sessions at larger clinics.  Clinic curriculum will also be determined by registration! Please indicate ability levels of your team and desired dance styles when your register your dancers!                                                                                                             

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The girls loved the music choices, advanced camp dances, sidelines and learning as a team!  It's helpful having music ready to go that is already legal and that the girls like!  The day was fun, educational and exciting! The staff was so nice and encouraged them to be the best they could be. The routines work perfect for games and can fit any team size.

-Brandee Boyd, St. Pius X


The jazz and pom routines were the most useful and the turn technique was really helpful!  It was fun and laid back, but also energetic.  You get a lot of material to use and to make your own and the price is great!

-Adrienne Smith, Bishop LeBlond


The sidelines were very cute and the girls loved them! The formations during the dances were great!  These will be very helpful when doing the dances as a team later at games. Also helpful were the very cool formation changes that could be used in other routines.  The day was balanced, organized and exciting!  The girls learned new information that can be used during the season but it wasn't too stressful.   We were still able to have a lot of fun!

-Victoria Newlove, Park Hill


It was so helpful to learn new choreography without the pressure of an evaluation!  Coming together and dancing with other area teams was the most fun!  I loved that there were choices for styles and that transitions were included as part of the routines. Definitely a great way to rev up for the upcoming seasion!  So organized with game ready material!  FUN, FUN, FUN!

-Shelli Ray, Blue Springs South


I love that this clinic is smaller and very intentional with time management. Teams and individuals do not get lost in a massive group of dancers. The staff is very thoughtful in addressing members by their team names and making them feel seen and heard. This clinic is a very safe place for dancers and coaches to ask questions about skills and choreography.  The instructors were all positive, friendly, helpful, and supportive!

-Jessica Watts, Nevada


We liked everything at the Larkspur Clinic!  It was productive, fiun and educational!  The routines and sidelines taught at the clinic are great and we will use all the material!  The technique classes were very helpful, and so was the feedback the dancers and coaches received on ways to improve!

-Lori Biehle, Festus


The technique classes and choreography at the Larkspur clinic were geared toward specific levels so my girls were able to feel successful with material that actually fit their ability.  The instructors were upbeat and met the girls where they were.  It was fun learning in an environment with little stress.  My girls were able to grow as dancers rather than feel overwhelmed or less than other teams.  The day was useful, valuable and upbeat.  i would absolutely recommend it to other teams and coaches.  The clinic met the needs of a large variety of teams and dancers.  it was a very full day with no filler or time wasted!  It was like 2 days of material from other companies fit in one day so it was a great value!

-Lacey Arndt, Potosi