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A Chat With Athletic Director Kristy Bayer – LDCPS4E20

This blog post has been shared by many members of the dance team community: https://callmemags.substack.com/p/all-my-blood-sweat-and-tears-for

It was written by Maggie Schmaltz, a recent graduate of the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota and a member of their phenomenal dance team while she was a student there.  The blog post is about what Maggie experienced as a member of her college dance team that was nationally ranked and known, repeat champions many times over, but that acknowledgement and respect did not transfer to her own college campus and community.  It’s actually a very common tale.  I’ve talked to countless coaches through this podcast and also through professional development conferences and it’s apparent that the spirit programs at other colleges and universities, and high schools across the country, are not given equal access to amenities and resources as the other programs.  With the help of this week’s podcast guest, my athletic director at Rockhurst University, Kristy Bayer, we are building a program that is more closely aligned with what the other sports at our university experience.  I ask Kristy what other coaches can do to advocate for their programs, whether or not they are under the athletics umbrella at their institutions.  I also ask her about being a woman who has experienced much success in the male dominated world of sports.  Kristy was a coach herself with a winning record, so I also get answers to coaching questions because her ideas and how she ran her teams can all be applied to spirit teams at all levels.  

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