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A Chat With Dance Team Expert Coree Smith – LDCPS3E21

Coree Smith has extensive dance team experience as a performer, choreographer, instructor, and judge.  Although she is an expert in this field, she is still a very enthusiastic, lifelong learner when it comes to dance team, and her positivity is contagious.  Her routines have won more than 65 state championships in Iowa alone over the last 25 years and multiple national champions and finalists at the high school and college levels.  She is now serving as head adjudicator for Dance Team Union.  I picked Coree’s brain about choreo of course, how to build a routine, how to improve routines, getting inspired, and she also gives numerous tips on upping scores in synchronization, execution and showmanship.  Listen with a notebook because you’re going to get inspired and informed by Coree’s knowledge and energy!  

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