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A Chat With Dance Team Expert and DTU Owner Dave Sanchez – LDCPS3E16

Dave Sanchez, also known as Dazzman, ran a wildly popular Yahoo Group dedicated to dance team, and he was known for accurately predicting outcomes of competitions on a national level.  Many did not know that Dazzman is also a Harvard educated attorney whose passion for dance team started in a really unique way.  He’ll also a seasoned and experienced dance team judge, and he gives all kinds of tips and advice on how to make your routines as ready for competition as they can possibly be.  Dave is one of the founding members of Dance Team Union, a company that has grown exponentially in just 5 short years.  Joining me today as guest cohost is Nick Clement, owner of NKC Choreography!  To learn more about Nick, you can listen to the episode I did with him during our second season.

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