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A Chat With Former NBA & NFL Choreographer/Director Ashley Deaton – LDCPS4E23

Ashley Deaton graduated from LSU where she was a member of their national championship winning team.  She then danced for the New Orleans Pelicans (formerly the Hornets) and became their choreographer and director.  She led that team during Hurricane Katrina, relocating to Oklahoma City.  She then went on to add Senior Director of Entertainment Teams for the New Orleans Saints to her resumé.  As their leader, she made it her own mission to develop poised, healthy and well-rounded individuals off stage, so they could use their experience to achieve success in their personal and professional lives as well.  Like so many of us, Ashley utilized the pandemic to get back in touch with what was really important to her.  She wanted to take her coaching skills to a more meaningful place as a Mindset and Wellness Coach.  She calls her company Soul Werk.  She offers transformational individual and group coaching and also dance classes!  I absolutely loved talking to her and got so many ideas from her insight and advice!  

Loyal listeners will notice that this is a bare bones episode with no intro and no outro.  That’s due to the fact that I have a killer case of strep throat and have no voice.  I hope to be back to talking in time for next week’s episode!  

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